Winter Park Ambassador

"The appetite for adventure and thrill seeking nature"

Winter Park Ambassador

It is no small feat to achieve triple digit riding days in a single season. Meet Meaghan O’Hara, she skied a 100 days on the moutain Last year, and she is this year's Winter Park Territory Ambassador!

Meaghan Scenic

It takes passion, determination, and mental toughness to brave the cold, clip into your ski boots, and give the mountain another piece of yourself. But when you have the appetite for adventure and thrill seeking nature of someone like Meaghan, this challenge is just a part of the season.

Don’t be fooled by this self-proclaimed Excel nerd, she totally has an alter ego that is big on shredding.

“I just can’t wait to get up in the morning and get out riding. It’s all about making memories and doing what I love”

Meaghan Chairlift

Even after 8 seasons of having a front row seat to the mountains, she still craves a connection with the mountain through extreme sports.

Meaghan Skinning

Skinning up the mountain in the early morning just to get in a run before work is motivation enough to brave the cold winter air and rise before the sun has started its day.

Although not every rider is up at dawn, pushing themselves every day to just get out and shred. Meaghan relaxes just like the rest of us, concluding her days with Aprés.